Heritage Day


A day for the rainbow nation.

On September 24 of every year, South Africans are given a day in which they celebrate their country’s diversity in cultures and traditions, it’s called Heritage Day.

This is a day in which the people take pride and embrace their cultural heritage. I am proud to say that I am Zulu which is the largest ethnic group in South Africa. So for heritage day, I was dressed in my Zulu traditional attire. In these portraits I’m wearing Ischolo ( the hat ), Umgexo wobhlalo  ( beaded necklace ) and amacici obhlalo ( bead earrings ), these are just a few accessories which make up the Zulu traditional attire.

Because of modernization, people tend to drift and become ‘uprooted’ from their cultures. Heritage Day just serves as a reminder for people to stay rooted in their cultural heritages.




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