The Colour Brown

Brown is such a beautiful colour and I’ve only realised this now. My favourite things like coffee and chocolate come in brown. It’s earthiness is just so warming, comforting and homey. There’s just something about this colour, be it in coffee or chocolate, that feeds a portion of my soul. I don’t know whether is […]

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Black & White Feels

  These photos were taken at my uncle’s wedding on the 28th of October. It was so cold, but that didn’t stop me from taking a few pictures! For the first two pictures, I wanted to capture a moment/feeling…you know that feeling you get when a beautiful/ fun event ends and everyone scatters in different […]

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Heritage Day

  A day for the rainbow nation. On September 24 of every year, South Africans are given a day in which they celebrate their country’s diversity in cultures and traditions, it’s called Heritage Day. This is a day in which the people take pride and embrace their cultural heritage. I am proud to say that […]

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Rain And Leaves

Rain = Beatiful Photos Of Leaves With Droplets I took these pictures about a year ago using my camera and a few people asked me how I did it, so this is for them. My main aim here was to make the water droplets the focal point of the photos and to add more emphasis […]

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